Fee Structure

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One-Time Fees & Deposit
The Registration Fee is RM500 (non-refundable) and is payable in full upon submission of your application, in order for it to be processed. The Admission Fee will become due upon acceptance of our placement offer. This is a one-time, non-refundable and non-transferable fee of RM4,500 (Malaysian students) / RM8,500 (International students.) This fee must be paid to secure the student’s place at the School.
Deposit Amount Refundable/Non-refundable
Registration RM500 Non-refundable

Admission fees
Malaysian students: RM 4,500Non-refundable
Non-Malaysian students: RM8,000 Non-refundable
Deposit RM5,000 Refundable(one term's advance notice required)
Tuition Fees
Year level Ages Annual Fees Amount to pay per Term
Nursery to Reception
(Foundation stage 1-2)
3 - 5 RM26,250 Term 1: RM9,450 Term 2: RM9,450 Term 3: RM9,450
Years 1 - 3 5 - 8 RM30,625 Term 1: RM11,025 Term 2: RM11,025 Term 3: RM8,575
Years 4 - 6 8 - 11 RM37,810 Term 1: RM13,612 Term 2: RM13,612 Term 3: RM10,586
Years 7 - 9 11 - 14 RM42,850 Term 1: RM15,426 Term 2: RM15,426 Term 3: RM11,998
Years 10 - 11 14 - 16 RM47,875 Term 1: RM17,235 Term 2: RM117,235 Term 3: RM13,405
Other Fees
Fees per child Annual Amount Amount to pay per Term
Resource Fee
Eg: Art, PE and Lab materials etc
RM1,000 Term 1: RM400 Term 2: RM400 Term 3: RM200
Meal Plan
Recess and Lunch meals
RM2,945 Term 1: RM1,030 Term 2: RM1,030 Term 3: RM885
  • Fees published are subject to annual revision.

  • – Fees will be pro-rated based on half month or full month according to the student’s enrolment date for the term.
    – Other charges not listed above include costs for textbooks, uniforms, transportation (if any), English as an Additional Language programme, special programmes or support, external examination fees and other personal expenses.
    – Siblings discount on tuition fees applicable for second child (10% off) and third child onwards (15% off each).
    – Term 1: September Term 2: January Term 3: April
    Sibling Discount

    We offer attractive sibling discounts to families with multiple children. Each child registering at GIM who is a sibling (brother or sister by birth or adoption) or another child (“previous sibling”) who is enrolled at GIM will enjoy the following benefits:
    • The 1st sibling (second child in the family) will receive a 10% concession of their annual tuition fee
    • The 2nd sibling (third child in the family) and subsequent sibling 15% concession off their annual tuition fee
    Mid-term enrolment

    If your child is joining our school part-way through a term, we will adjust the tuition fees based on full or half month.
      Our fees do not include:
    • Meal plan, textbooks, and uniforms
    • Transport
    • Special programmes or support e.g. ELL (English Language Learning)
    • External exam fees


    Tuition Fees
    Year level Fees Fees per year
    A-Level RM95,750 AS Level:RM47,875 A2 Level:RM47,875
    Lab Fees
    Items Annual Amount
    Lab Fee RM1,000
    Payment Methods
    Cash or Credit Card ( Visa & Master) Please make payment at our accounts office and ask for a receipt.
    Cheque Please make cheque payable to "GEMS Education M2 Sdn Bhd"
    Direct Debit/ Telegraphic Transfer Please email payment advice as proof of payment to accounts_gim@gemsedu.com
    Payment Methods
    • Bank: Maybank
    • Account Name: GEMS Education M2 Sdn Bhd
    • Account Number: 5143 4761 6231
    • Swift Code: MBBEYMKL (necessary for oversea transactions only)



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